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DNA Testing Services UK

  • Paternity Testing €160
  • Fast Results - 3-4 Days
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • FREE Consultation


At Genetic Discovery we only supply exceptional DNA relationship testing services. You can rely on our 100% Testing track record and excellent customer service.


Unsure of which test you require? Why not contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff to learn more about Genetic Discovery and our paternity and other family relationship DNA testing services.


Genetic Discovery can provide a DNA sample collection services across Ireland – please contact us on 01 686 9419 arrange your test. We also have over 4,500 collection centres nationally and internationally and can coordinate DNA sample collections, please contact us with your requirements.

About Genetic Discovery…
DNA Testing Services UK

At Genetic Discovery our lab is fully accredited for DNA testing. We pride ourselves on our excellence of service providing quality DNA paternity & relationship testing in Ireland. For personal testing we can either send your DNA testing kit to your address or for legal testing we can book a convenient appointment for you at one of UK nationwide medical centres

Finding the right DNA test for your circumstances can be very time consuming. As a reliable and accredited lab we are here to help you chose the right test for you. You will have the peace of mind that you are leaving your testing in safe hands. We are here to answer all of your questions to help you with your DNA test.

Our laboratory is an ISO17025 accredited DNA testing laboratory, providing testing for clients in Ireland and across the globe. We test the same at least 22 markers, well above the requirements of the National DNA Database of the UK, and for more difficult cases, we are able to test additional markers when necessary. Each and every exclusion and every legal test is run twice to ensure perfect results every time.

Why use Genetic Discovery for your testing?

check 100% DNA Testing Record
check Results 3-4 Days
check Dual Analysis
check ISO 17025 Accredited
check Walk-in Centre
check 4,500 Collection Sites
check FREE DNA Test Kits
check Free Consultation


Call our very knowledgeable customer service agents on 01 686 9419. They will be more than happy to provide assistance and answer your questions and explain the process best for your situation. Our office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

We are here to help you in any way possible, and will provide as much assistance pre and post testing as we can.


About HT Act

Learn more about Genetic Discovery's compliance with the Human Tissue Act to protect your rights.

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DNA Testing Services UK

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